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Good corporate finance advice requires an in-depth relationship between advisor and client. We aim to provide advice at each stage of the financial lifecycle, from public funding for R&D, tax credit schemes and the first business angels’ round through to funding for growth and scale-up to a successful exit.


Network & Experience

Each client is different and we work hard to match with the right investors and the right acquirers for their stage of development.

Proven Methodology

Timing matters. We work with our clients to ensure transactions are executed at the optimum time and from a position of strength. We assist our clients with strategy and planning, from the perspective of the capital markets and the company’s current financial position.

Haute Couture Approach

We believe in quality not quantity and only accept a limited number of engagements each year. We tend to select projects with international potential, with a specific interest in industry transforming plays.

Business Model Expertise

We work hard to analyze and decode not just the successful, but also the unsuccessful business models to offer accurate advice on strategy and how to monetize ideas.

Is your company making optimal use of the grants and incentives that your projects and investments qualify for?  Most companies have trouble identifying relevant opportunities in the overwhelming range of EU, national and regional public, and private funding schemes. They often also lack the knowledge and time needed to successfully apply for funding and effectively comply with all formal administrative obligations.

Our services key figures:

  • Annual acquisition of funds for R&D around € 10 million a year
  • Tax Incentives Scheme about € 15 million a year
  • Success rate of over 80% (European and National/Regional funds)
  • Knowledge, expertise, and experience
  • Our advice on innovation and public grants is based on a profound understanding of our clients’ goals
  • We speak the language of business, science, and technology
  • Our expert consultants include technical skills (engineers, physics, etc.) and financial skills
  • Creativity: It takes considerable expertise and creativity to support innovation and connect projects to organizations and to grants opportunities.
  • Initiative: we proactively seek for innovation opportunities as well as possible funding schemes that match your needs.

 7th Degree focus on fund raising. Our areas of expertise particularly include information technologies, media and entertainment. We work on a full spectrum of transactions, ranging from seed capital fund raising to private investments. To do so, we have close relationships with a diversity of investors: venture capital funds, business angels, strategic buyers and high net worth families.

As a value added advisor, we bring our network and extensive experience to the founder, which means:

  • A better chance of success… Enhancement of the project’s fundamentals including strategy, business model and materials with the most suited investor…
  • Providing money, but also guidance for entrepreneurs towards the most appropriate investor according to their project and their personality At better conditions…
  • Negotiation of an optimal valuation and a fair shareholders’ agreement …
  • With better timing. Reducing time spent by Management on the transaction in order to focus on company’s core business.

We remain committed to help early stage companies in their first round of financing while our sweet spot shifts towards large financing and M&A.

Dashboards (including financial and operating indicators) are used to measure results and benchmark performance against the initial plan

KPI, Key Performance Indicators, are a set of quantifiable measures that a company or industry uses to gauge or compare performance in terms of meeting their strategic and operational goals. KPIs vary between companies and industries, depending on their priorities or performance criteria.

  1. A company must establish its strategic and operational goals and then choose the KPIs which best reflect those goals.
  2. Our consultants and methodology will support the management in its KPIs definition.
  3. Ooowhee, our in-house tools will help to provide employees and executives with the business insights and visibility they need to make better decisions and drive performance.
  4. You will gain real time access to all your financial and operational data with reports and dashboards built directly from transaction level data, not information rolled up from outdated in spreadsheets.
Financial Dashboards

Corporate decisions need to be taken in full awareness of an organization’s current financial situation.  7th Degree’ Financial Reporting Services can help you improve your understanding and awareness of your financial situation.

  1. Our in-house reporting tools enable you to deal with financial issues related to company transactions and will allow you to accelerate your business decision-making.
  2. Our in house reporting tools with built-in accounting, financial reporting, and analysis capabilities allow us to build, plan, define, and measure business metrics and performance.
Processes Optimization

7th Degree perform an in depth independent review of your business processes and practices to assess effectiveness and efficiency of administrative, financial and operational business processes.

  1. A process review begins with a high level review with management.
  2. This is then combined with conducting a more detailed analysis based on interviews with key personnel.
  3. In certain circumstances a review of business practices using a group session of involved departments and operations to cross check the integration and flow of key transactions and processes of the company.

Our Business Advisory expertise offers a full range of economic, financial and business advisory services for both private organizations.

  • We explore with you: We assess new trends and options and look at your current challenge from a new perspective, leveraging our multidisciplinary, hands-on field experience.
  • We optimize processes: We look for continuous improvement cycles using short decision loops. We leverage upon our practical experience and ability to take a helicopter view to anticipate issues and support the optimization of decision-making and implementation processes.
  • We sustain investment: We believe that each effort must deliver sustainable results and each Euro invested has a threefold value and purpose, i.e. growing financials, a stronger organization and a positive influence on societal challenges.


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