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A range of strategic financing & tax advisory services for companies in the Telecommunications, Entertainment & Communications industries


1What does Web 2.0 mean for content production? When will mobile media become ready for the mass market? What will shape the media business in the next 5 to 10 years? Media and entertainment have never been so dynamic: With the advent of the Internet and mobile media, the industry has experienced dramatic upheaval over the last decade.


2We have seen the rise of new business models and innovations, such as IP and mobile TV, online communities, portals and free newspapers. And now here is cloud computing and new paradigms. These changes are reshaping the entertainment value chain. We are also observing dramatic shifts in consumer behavior, such as an increasing demand for customization and customer empowerment.


3The need for innovative business models is growing, and only those who understand how to create premium content and present unique, individualized products to both consumers and advertising clients will be able to stay in the game. CEOs ask us to jointly design strategies and align operations in order to successfully address these issues in an environment that keeps reinventing itself.


47th Degree Consulting was founded in Luxembourg in 2012. It is our European background that makes the difference. We have a deep understanding of diverse cultures and markets. We combine European roots with pragmatism and entrepreneurial spirit. Our results turn visions into reality. This is how we create real value for our clients.

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